Thanks again for wonderful fishing!


Thanks again for wonderful fishing! We had an excellent trip home.
How is the new boat?
I hope school is going well!

Tell your dad and wife thank you very much! It was fabulous. I miss them already.
Everyone loves our pictures. Attached are a few pics for your pleasure.

If you need references, be sure to call Mike. We have friends who would love to fish with you.

(Fish were still frozen hard when we got home). We made redfish on the halfshell like you and used the seasoning and it was superb! Next we are going to try the stuffed with cornbread…

Hope Sid and Bud are doing well.

I wanted to come back down this week-end but hubby says no, we have to work…

We will send some hard copy of photos soon when we get caught up around here.

Mike and Miss Ele

Eleanor Falkingham MSN, RN, CNE

Redfishin' in Lafitte

Redfishin' in Lafitte

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  1. Great fishing. Great lodging. Great company. We threw back so many redfish I’m still getting thank you notes. Can’t wait to fish in the new boat.

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